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Words are powerful. So are you.

Cynthia H. Designs statement bracelets are created to help you express and manifest the tangible and intangible things you desire in life. Made with high-quality materials and mindful messages of positivity, strength, and courage, our designs radiate meaning and style.

Quality Leather Bracelets

Our Leather

Cynthia H. Designs is a luxury brand of bracelets that are made with top quality full and top grain calf and lambskin leather.

  • Our full grain leather is minimally processed giving this leather a thick, super soft feel and suppleness that feels wonderful on your wrist. Leathers in this collection include Black, Navy, Chocolate, Aqua, Dark Teal, Purple, Fruit Punch and Classic Blue. This leather is our thickest leather and is super soft and supple with a pebbled patterned surface with raw edges.
  • Our pearlized leather is a top grain leather that has a subtle, beautiful pearlized finish and comes in the beautiful neutral colors of gunmetal, ocean, gold, blush, ice, lemon and tangerine. This leather is soft and smooth with a slightly pearlized polish surface with raw edges and a medium thickness.
  • Our richly pigmented top grain leathers such as lime, raspberry and azure have a surface coating applied to make these colors pop. This leather is a bit stiffer with a slightly shiny/polish surface with folded edges and a medium thickness.
  • Our top quality lambskin leather has a very silky soft feel and comes in orange and turquoise. This leather is super smooth with folded edges and a medium thickness.

No matter what color you choose in our collection, all our leathers are made to last many years of daily wear.

Full Grain Leather Bracelet All Colors
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How to clean your leather bracelet

We recommend mixing together a few drops of dawn dish soap (dawn is the best for gently removing dirt and oil) and a cup of warm water. Using a soft cloth, dip it into the soapy water, wring out until the cloth is just damp and wipe the leather gently until clean. Use another cloth dipped in warm water to wipe off any soap residue. Dry with a towel and you are done!