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Being Positive Changes Everything

Right now, in the mist of the changes and uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought with it, we encourage you to consciously sprinkle more positive thoughts, affirmations and actions into your day and weed out the negative thoughts and worries.   There are many reasons how being positive helps us and others:

  • It’s affects the people around us - When we are happy, we are sending those vibes out to the people around us. Along with those that we are sheltering in place with, these people also include all the people we interact with that aren’t physically with us.   Have you ever noticed when someone enters the room or you get someone on the phone that is in a good mood how it instantly lifts our mood?  When we are in a happy place, we naturally boost other’s moods. 
  • It heals and strengthens our bodies - It is a proven fact that when we are happy, our bodies become healthier and more resilient due to many chemical and hormonal reactions that happen when we feel good. Dopamine is released in our brains when think and do things that make us happy.  The opposite is true also, our thoughts can cause which stress and anxiety release adrenaline and cortisol which not only makes our immune system weaker, it also ages us. 
  • We get more done - When we are happy, we get a spring to our step – that is the boost of energy feeling good brings with it. The extra bits of energy we get from being in a good mood helps us throughout our day making everything we do easier, with more enthusiasm and purpose. 

It is normal right now to feel anxious and have fear, but we don’t have to feed those feelings by watching more doom and gloom news, complaining to our family or neighbors how hard this is, or mentally listing all the things that are wrong right now.    We can choose to feed the positive feelings too by watching uplifting, positive stories of people that are finding ways to help other people, by asking people that we interact with what they are doing different during this massive change that makes them happy, and making mental notes of the things in your life that you are grateful for. 

There are a lot of unknowns right now, but one thing that is for sure is that positive thoughts and actions will get us farther on the road to recovery than negativity. 

Just don’t be hard on yourself when you find yourself thinking negative or anxious thoughts, rather gently push them away and think of something that makes you feel happy.

As always, stay positive!

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