About us

Your outlook and sense of style should always be in harmony.

We create jewelry that empowers you to make a fashion statement of positivity, love, and courage. By combining a unique leather design with inspiring messages, each Cynthia H. De- signs piece serves as a reminder that your thoughts are your true power. Wear them promi- nently and proudly to spread positive vibes among yourself and those around you—all while expressing your unique sense of style.

Express positivity through fashion.

The definition of an affirmation is a clear expression of something in speech or writing. Our designs help you express and affirm the things you desire in life so that they become reality. Whether your affirmations are ones of hope, courage, love, happiness (or all of the above!) our uplifting sayings help align your mind, body and spirit with positive thoughts that create positive energy. The connection between our thoughts and the energy we emit is actually quite simple:

Think good. Look good. Feel good.

When we are thinking and feeling good, we send waves of positive energy out into the world so that others feel good, too.