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Custom Message Bracelet

Custom Message Bracelet

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You've asked for it, we've finally done it!  You can now customize your saying, add a logo to the front, back or both.  The printing is laser engraved in black, so the words will be a permanent marking on the plate that will look like it is printed on.    For logos and custom graphics, we require a print-ready/vector file, contact us if you have any questions.
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Wear your intentions on your wrist – Share your love for postive intentions and thoughts by wearing it on your wrist. With many sayings to choose from, our bracelets are a perfect gift to yourself or your loved ones to raise awareness of what you are thinking.

Turn heads - Our bracelets are there to help you to think positive while wearing a beautiful statement bracelet that goes with all your outfits – even your pajamas!

Raise your energy frequency – Our bracelets inspire you to think positive. Thinking positive thoughts make us healthier, more likely to reach our goals and create the life we want to live. Our thoughts have a large impact on our whole body and our behavior – both ours and the people around us.

Reprogram our thoughts – Remember the trick with the rubber band? You put it on your wrist and snap it when you think a negative thought? Our bracelets are a pain free reminder on your wrist to replace negative thoughts or self-talk with positive statements or just be reminded that we are perfect the way we are this exact moment.